Land with Residential Planning Permission

A bridge to 365 new homes

This facility acted as a bridge between purchase and construction of a large development site in East Anglia.

ACP Norwich 003
ACP Norwich 020
ACP Norwich 024
ACP Norwich 012

We provided an £11m, 12 month senior land bridge facility to a regional developer with over 30 years of experience.

We helped our client with a bridge facility to provide time for various planning conditions to be met and approved on this site in an area of East Anglia earmarked for much-needed new homes. The final project will deliver 365 new-build houses, designed in a classic style with excellent finishes throughout and at affordable prices.

Gross Loan



12 Months



Units Created


Exit Method


“Solving the housing crisis requires bold action and assisting in the process to create 365 houses is a bold move which we are very happy to support.”

- Samantha Londerville, Investment Manager

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