A finish & exit loan for in-demand bungalows

We provided a bridge facility to allow our client to complete and sell desirable and rare bungalows in Stoke.

ACP Newcastleul 09
ACP Newcastleul 07
ACP Newcastleul 06
ACP Newcastleul 02

We provided a development exit bridge finance facility to an experienced developer based in Stoke.

Our client needed to finish works to nine of a total 13 bungalows before marketing and exit of the site. Our facility had a provision for additional funding to be provided to the project as units were brought to market. This flexible solution worked efficiently with all units sold and the loan exited ahead of schedule.

Gross Loan



18 Months



Units Created


Exit Method


“Strong sales performance of desirable and rare bungalows saw this facility repay considerably ahead of term.”

- Rebecca Nutt, Director of Portfolio Management

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