Ground-Up Development

New-build townhouses in Surrey

We helped a developer reinvigorate the land next to a well-loved but vacant local pub by building five new homes on the site, enabling the sale of the pub to a new owner and its reopening.

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We provided a stretched senior development finance facility to a seasoned team of developers with over 60 years of experience.

Our client purchased a pub and gardens in Surrey. We provided finance structured to enable the construction of five new homes in keeping with the traditional charm of the local area, and the sale of the pub to a local operator.

Gross Loan



18 Months



Units Created


Exit Method

Sales & Refinance

“It was great to be able to assist such a talented development team and demonstrate that each deal is unique. We don’t do ‘computer says no’ at Atelier."

- Graham Emmett, Joint Chief Executive Officer

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