Our technology

Technology underpins and supports our lending and provides the rails on which our operations run. We have committed substantial resources to the design, build and operation of a market-leading technology platform that provides an excellent online and mobile experience for our brokers and borrowers, and allows us to make better decisions faster.


Supporting High-Touch, High-Value Relationships

First and foremost, we are a relationship lender. Every relationship we have is individual, so our technology needs to be flexible and innovative. We create unique partnerships which require unique technology solutions, intelligently designed to support high-value, high-touch relationships. Our technology doesn’t make lending decisions, our people do. But technology helps us make informed lending decisions more quickly.

Broker Portal

In a digital economy where people are constantly on the move, you can use phone, tablet or desktop to instantly submit and track application information and documents. We understand that with complex transactions, the submission of information is a layering process – so our intelligent systems enable you to add, change and update key information as the application proceeds. Our online account management also takes the stress out of managing applications, with case tracking and instant messaging with your dedicated investment manager leaving you with more time to look after your clients.

Mastering our Data

We’ve invested in systems that enable us to harness the power of information for the benefit of our borrowers and partners. The more we understand about our loans and our market, the smarter and more creative we can be in providing innovative lending solutions that are better, by design. While adhering to the highest standards of UK GDPR and cybersecurity best practice, we invest in information as one of our most valued assets to ensure we are constantly improving our: risk management and reduction, informed decision-making, solutions to problems, customer service, knowledge of what we are doing well and what we can improve.

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