Our people are the greatest asset of the Atelier business. Caring about our people ensures our people care about our customers, and that is at the heart of our culture.

What makes Atelier unique?

The answer’s simple: our people and culture. We put time, effort and resources into supporting our colleagues so they can reach their full potential. And because we care about what we do, think sustainably and share a long-term strategy and vision, every member of our team is united serving the needs and ambitions of our customers in the right ways.

How we work

Atelier is a fast-moving, exciting place to work. We are a relationship business where high-value, high-touch relationships are central to what we do. First and foremost, we prefer to communicate face-to-face, or by videocall or phone. Email is a last resort. We find things get done better that way, so being happy to chat is a key skill we value.

Our Principles

Change is good

We don’t fear change. We welcome new ideas and imagination, and are willing to challenge what has been done before.

Be the team

When we support each other, we get more out of ourselves and our colleagues. Our collective success is up to all of us.

Results and repeat

We demand the highest standards from ourselves and each other. We work hard to deliver the best outcome each and every time.

Keep it simple

What we do can be complex, but we must never overcomplicate it. We’re decisive and efficient, and we communicate simply and clearly.

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