SME property developers should act now to capitalise on market opportunities – new Atelier research reveals


Welcome to ‘Past performance, points to future potential’ – our latest research report.

Once again, we’ve teamed up with Dr Nicole Lux to provide data and insight for SME property developers to help them plan for the medium and long-term. With this piece of research, we started with a simple question: can we use past property market data to predict the future?

We’ve compiled detailed analysis on property prices, inflation, interest rates, demand, supply, mortgage rates, unemployment and population growth. It’s our view that this data can be used to understand the market conditions we can expect to see in the short to medium term.  The data indicates that we are close to the trough, which will be followed by a sustained period of recovery. The analysis points to a recovery in house prices, stabilisation in interest rates, and positive demand.  For developers, the take-out message is act now for the best chance to capitalise on the coming upswing.

With pipelines likely to take 12-18 months to restock and planning, as ever, a drag factor, it’s important for developers to take an opportunistic position and begin bidding, so they are where they need to be when the market turns.

Chris Gardner, CEO at Atelier comments “It has been a pleasure to commission Dr Nicole Lux again on this critical piece of research. We wanted to provide data and insight to SME property developers to help them plan for the medium and long-term. In the UK, private enterprise delivers 60% of new housing – precisely because these developers are agile and can respond quickly to shifts in the marketplace.

“It is important for developers, in particular, to be agile enough to overcome short-term market volatility whilst progressing forward with a clear, long-term strategy. Property is a long-term asset class, and with the data now available to us, we are positive about the future, and we are here to provide finance solutions to professional property developers ready to act.”

We hope you enjoy this research and please get in touch if we can help.

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