Carbonlite Challenge

Carbonlite Challenge facility for the conversion of redundant agricultural buildings into beautiful, sustainable homes

This scheme will create 10 residential properties, designed to enable the RIBA Challenge 2025 targets.

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We are providing a £9.7m, 30-month facility for the conversion of redundant agricultural buildings, alongside the refurbishment and extension of an original farmhouse to create a mix of 10 3–6 bedroom beautiful, highly sustainable homes.

These homes are designed to enable the RIBA 2025 Climate Challenge targets. The scheme will feature attributes such as diversion from landfill, structural insulated panels and energy-saving technology like air source heat pumps and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

Claydene Farm joins Atelier’s Carbonlite Challenge pilot scheme. Upon successful achievement of the targets, the developers are set to receive a £230,000 carbon and sustainability rebate on their finance.

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“We are delighted to support the redevelopment of Claydene Farm as part of the ongoing Carbonlite Challenge pilot. The developer has shown great ambition in their design to meet the RIBA 2025 targets, and this is another example of how our pioneering sustainable finance solution is enabling developers to build greener, more sustainable homes."

- Reece Lake, Head of Business Operations

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