Conversion & Refurbishment

Conversion and refurbishment into much needed family homes

A former care home now vacant and no longer fit for purpose cleverly reconfigured to create 4 new 3-bed family homes

Cgi Garlinge Road Render 02
Cgi Kitchen Diner
Cgi Dining
Cgi Lounge
CGI Bedroom

Atelier provided a £2m 12-month facility to an experienced repeat borrower. The scheme combines conversion, heavy refurbishment and ground-up development with the end product being a desirable and useful contribution to the local area.

Gross Loan



12 Months



Units Created


Exit Method


"This is the second time we have supported this developer and we are delighted to be supporting the re purposing of a redundant care home in a popular area of an established town which will create 4 much needed new family homes."

- Alan MacLeod, Director of Credit

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